14 Jan 2022

BCO 2022 Conference: leading our industry towards a more sustainable future


The full programme for the conference will soon be revealed once bookings open on 19 January 2022. As we look forward to welcoming many of you to our upcoming annual conference, Chief Executive of the British Council for Offices, Richard Kauntze shares his motivations for the long-awaited in-person event, which will provide an unprecedented opportunity to revaluate and redefine the role of the office as we know it.  




Last year Greater Manchester’s inaugural Green Summit saw the city’s mayor, Andy Burnham outline ambitious plans for a region where “all businesses need to become green businesses”.

As issues of climate change and sustainability are pushed higher up the agenda across industries, including our own, what better city to host the BCO’s next annual conference than Manchester?  
The three-day event will provide an exciting opportunity for industry experts to exchange thoughts upon the key requirements for future workplaces, of which creating a more sustainable world will play a critical part.  
Although the recent COP26 climate change conference has accelerated the sustainability debate, extended lockdowns had already brought renewed scrutiny of the office’s environmental impact - particularly the carbon cost of commuting and the need to improve energy inefficiencies.  
Our sector is already working hard to make offices greener, to drive new technologies and modern approaches to the workplace that can overhaul how Britain constructs, designs and equips its buildings - something which will be crucial to any post-Covid ‘green rebuild’. But, as ever, there is much more to be done.  
It won’t be easy, but by working together towards this common goal, I believe our industry, and all the talent it employs, can achieve truly remarkable growth towards a more sustainable future for British offices.  
In my mind, the key to success lies in our ability to adapt quickly to new technologies and innovative practices, which I look forward to discussing with you throughout the conference. 
Richard Kauntze 
Chief Executive, British Council for Offices 



The conference is taking place 14-16 June 2022 in Manchester.
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