20 Nov 2023

Newsletter Repost || BCO Annual Conference 2024 || Birmingham






The upcoming BCO conference will take place next May in Birmingham, exploring the theme: Creating and Curating Vibrant cities.

During our time together, we’ll be considering the importance of workspace and cities; the linkage between the two; and how we cultivate lively, dynamic and appealing spaces to create well-rounded and thriving urban environments fit for tomorrow.

Our host city: Birmingham

It's been more than a decade since the BCO last convened in Birmingham, and the change in the city since then is notable, making the theme of this year’s conference particularly appropriate. 

Over the past ten years, Birmingham, renowned as the 'workshop of the world,' has steadfastly lived up to its name, quietly ushering in a slew of substantial new developments. Notable among these are 103 Colmore Row, Enterprise Wharf, the Paradise regeneration project, and Snow Hill. Undoubtedly, the substantial redevelopment of New Street Station in 2015 has been a catalyst for these transformative changes.


What to expect
The conference will run from Wednesday 22 to Friday 24 May.


The conference will get underway with the BCO Drinks Reception at the stunning Library of Birmingham, a unique and impressive venue to bring everyone together. 

We’ll be hosting the conference Plenary Sessions at the International Convention Centre, centrally located with great access and transportation links and plenty of hotels within easy reach.


During the Conference Seminars and Panels, we’ll be hearing from a panel of expert regional and national experts to discuss a wide range of subjects including the power of partnership in development and regeneration projects, the impact of social value on lending for developers, and what today’s life science occupier looks like.

The BCO team has crafted a packed program to serve as a platform for a diverse and stimulating few days, and I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of the varied mix of discussions.


The Building Tours will provide an alternative option to the conference seminars.

You will have the opportunity to visit and learn more about some of Birmingham’s most recent and noteworthy developments including the aforementioned 103 Colmore Row, Enterprise Wharf and Cornerblock.


There will be plenty of NextGen activities for young professionals to get involved with and I’m pleased to say the BCO Cycle Challenge and Golf Cup will also be happening too.

Finally, the Conference Party will take place at at trendy Digebth hotspot, Lunar Springs. I think it’s safe to say you can expect to engage in thought provoking discussion, learn new things, make new connections and have fun in the vibrant and thriving city of Birmingham. See you in May!


Peter Crowther


Chief Development Officer Bruntwood SciTech
BCO Senior Vice President & Conference Chair