19 Sept 2012

60 seconds with...Chris Kimber-Nickelson, Head of Development Management at MEPC and BCO South West, Thames Valley & South Wales Judging Chairman

Chris is responsible for driving forward MEPC's development arm of the business; all development and refurbishment projects through inception to completion; and maintaining MEPC's development management systems at the leading edge of best practice.

He will be taking on responsibility for the BCO Awards in the South West, Thames Valley & South Wales in 2013, so we spent 60 seconds quizzing him about his judging experiences to date:

How long have you been a member of the BCO and what do you see as a key benefit?

I have been a member of the BCO for 3 years now. The main benefit is being able to share open discussion across the broad range of property and construction related issues with respected peers in the industry.

You have been on the South West judging panel for three years, what do you see as the biggest challenge of becoming Chairman?

This will undoubtedly be the coordination of 4 very busy property professionals.

What is the hardest part about being a BCO Judge?

Taking in and processing all of the information that is imparted to you in the brief time you have to see each entry…and the travelling!

What is the best part about being a BCO Judge?

Meeting enthusiastic and committed project team members who are genuinely excited, and rightly proud, about the clever and innovative ways in which they have delivered good office space….and the cakes!

The Entry Guide asks entrants to describe how the office lifts spirits, is there a past awards entry that made a particularly positive impact on you? And if so, why was this?

My personal favourite of all the entrants was the Aardman Animations office in Bristol. The attention to detail was immense and I would love to work in a building where Wallace is the voice of the lift!

What advice would you give someone planning to submit an entry for the 2013 Awards?

You need to cover all the bases as the general standard is high. BCO compliance and good environmental standards are ‘givens’ now and where projects win is when they demonstrate how they have gone the extra mile in several different ways.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone starting out as a BCO Judge?

It is not an undertaking to be taken lightly. They are long days, it is hard to carve out the time, and your fellow judges will likely be up for a good spirited debate!

Who/what has most inspired you in the Commercial Property Sector? 

I think that there are a number of inspirational ‘placemaking’ projects such as the redevelopment of Kings Cross and the Mills Bakery Royal William Yard in Plymouth which the judges visited this year. These types of project can make a real community difference across a much wider area than the site alone.

What couldn't you live without in your daily routine?

I am a bit of a Blackberry addict, but I would love to live without it!

What is your guilty pleasure?

One of my hobbies is Morris dancing…it doesn’t get much more embarrassing than that!

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