29 Mar 2019

BCO Annual Conference Photography Competition judging panel (2019)

2019 BCO Annual Conference Photography Competition

Calling all 2019 BCO Conference attendees: BCO and Waterman Group invite you to enter and stand a chance to win the photography competition for the winning photo from Copenhagen. Entry is open to all levels and all BCO Conference attendees are invited and urged to participate! Learn more.

Meet the esteemed panel behind the competition: 

-Catherine Thomas,  MD, Art Acumen (Judging Chair)
Catherine is the Managing Director of Art Acumen, specialising in curating and commissioning art collections, devising bespoke creative projects and place-making through public art programmes. For the past 16 years, Catherine has delivered visionary art strategies and inspirational art commissions for many corporate, public and private clients, building a formidable portfolio and excellent reputation.

-Miriam Spatafora, Structural Engineer, Waterman Group
Miriam grew up with a strong love of Literature and Arts, surprising everyone when she chose to pursue a career in engineering. With a strong eye for detail, she has notably worked as an engineer on the Royal Academy of Dance development.  She has a huge appreciation and respect for the visual arts.  Miriam loves photography and enjoys capturing a range of shots with her both analogic and digital camera, exploring the contrast between film and modern techniques.

Martina Famoso, Engineer, Waterman Group
'Martina is an engineer with a strong passion for Arts and Architecture. This passion comes from being born in Italy surrounded by its immense historical patrimony. When she is not working as an engineer, she loves to draw, paint and of course to walk around London taking pictures of the beautiful contrast between old and modern architecture.'

-Ryan Dempster, Architect, Buckley Gray Yeoman
An architect with an eye for aesthetics, Ryan is a BCO NextGen Rising Star for London and the South East. An avid photographer himself, with an impeccable eye for design, Ryan founded @storeyshots – a growing Instagram based community curated as a show and tell of architecture and inspiring advice from firms in the industry.

-Alex Upton, Architectural Photographer
Alex’s approach to architectural photography is informed and complemented by his background in studying both Fine Art (BA Fine Art First-class Honours, University of the Arts London) and Design. This not only assures his consistent attention to detail and quality but also enhances his understanding of form, space, composition and materials in relation to architecture.

-Simon Kennedy, Architectural Photographer
More than fifteen years of experimentation have informed Simon’s current photographic techniques. Simon’s photographic vision developed in a unique way – years of working as a qualified architect combined with teaching post-graduate architectural studies at The Bartlett School Of Architecture. This experience has given him a unique understanding of architecture, and a highly insightful photographic vision which continues to develop and be informed by his teaching practice at the Bartlett and by collaborations with various architects.

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