18 Mar 2019

Copenhagen's Bicycle Culture

With bicycles exceeding the number of cars on the roads, it is no secret that Copenhagen is considered by many to be the cycling capital of the world. The city has set itself the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025 as well as 'the world's best bicycle city'. 

An extensive network of bicycle lanes and bicycle highways make it easy. Copenhagen has undertaken and recently completed, several expanded bicycle lanes, many now roughly the same size as traditional car lanes. With cycle superhighways, bike-only stop lights and handy lean-rails for cyclists waiting at lights, it’s no wonder they are confident enough to start at a young age, cycling to school with their parents and continuing into their working lives. In fact, half of all Danes commute to work by bicycle. 

Even though it might be overwhelming for first-time visitors, there are plenty of reasons to try it out. Apart from the obvious being cheaper, healthier and greener, rental bicycles are not hard to find around Copenhagen, and most hotels will have them available for rent. Most of the city is relatively flat, and you may stumble across hidden gems normally harder to reach by foot or public transport. 

But why is it the first choice of transportation? It is down to mindset. It is down to the mentality that comes from city initiatives with a focus on wellness, making cycling cool, ultramodern, and a symbol of personal energy.

If you happen to find the time amidst the busy BCO Annual Conference programme this year (or perhaps you are staying on longer) try the famous Danish ‘cargo bikes’  which allow you to cycle with your luggage, shopping or even a fellow conference delegate. If that's not on the cards, perhaps you will get to enjoy the 2-hour T8/25 Copenhagen Harbour Cycling Tour providing a deeper look at Copenhagen’s Harbour and its stunning transformation over the past 25 years.

Gothenburg to Copenhagen
For the 2019 Conference, the BCO’s SOLD OUT Annual Cycle Challenge will focus entirely on Scandinavia, with a route from Gothenburg to Copenhagen. The ride will cover approximately 300 miles over 3 days. All riders are encouraged to raise £500 sponsorship for the conference charity MindShow your support and donate via the Justgiving page.

If you were lucky enough to secure a spot on the BCO Cycle Challenge, we would love to hear about your experience. Tweet or mention us on Instagram @bco_uk and tell us about your cycling experience using #bcoconference #copenhagen2019.

For more info or to book places at the 2019 BCO Annual Conference in Copenhagen visit http://www.bco.org.uk/Conference/Conference.aspx

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